I am a Self Teaching Artist of Australian origin. My work is influenced by the many stages of being a women and especially the visual feelings of moving through menopause naturally.Through the dark beyond and through, amongst the drowning sea of emotion, the seemingly madness in my head, and my physical body arggg, I paint. I have found that the question of what i believe has exploded and slowly erased giving me moments of peace to see what i know.

© Octavia O'Brien 2015



The fall to earth left me looking for you,
Again, in new dimensions with millions of souls.
Masquerading in flesh and bones. This time,
There were moments when I thought you weren't here
In the anticipation of finding you, I never gave up
In moments when sacredness abandoned me
When Godless, stood upon the hill looking down
Pointing to where you had been, a trail of gossamer
This divine intervention by angelic hierarchical souls
Churning the Love vibration into dense matter
Feeding me with your smell.

It lingers still, that smell, intoxicating me
Craving me to commit myself for Loves purpose,
Craving the obsession to transmute into passion
Craving the passion to transmute into love.
Craving the love to transmute into you.
Craving you to transmute into me
Craving me to worship the Goddess.

To you, we dream the same
Wear our love clothes the same
The same about our trip to heaven
To you, my kisses cradle your fears
Until we are free to fly from this sadness
To give this madness a name is not important.

Fly round the clouds with me sprinkling gossamer
Create rainbows together, offer love as we go
Circle the moon in the tune of heavenly Love
I feel you inside out, the way you give me you. One
In a sea of tranquillity, waiting for me to lie quietly, STILL
I can't not let you breathe, inhale love, exhale love.
Then I will dance to your renaissance, with my wings.

To the moon, I offer the reflection of man in love,
So the universe may experience my pureness.
As Goddess, you teach. Your insistency to glow.
With me, shining Collapsing in blissful momentum.
Background Goddess sings utmost praises to you.
The blue moon has been talking to me about you.

The moon said: “When you touch this woman
Give her the strength and protection she needs
As a man, dust her wings, soak them in lavender
She needs to fly into a world where she will be free
Let her weave her love through every molecule.
Let her breathe so she can inhale deeply, Bliss
Then kiss, with heavenly intent, her silken lips

I tremble, Goddess in love with mortal man.
I glance, you glance. Romance is seeping through
Carpeting the ground with the temperament of love.
No one comes close to this torrentially quiet love of ours
They bow, we bow, sublime divinity dancing in our hearts
Guiding our footsteps to the real Garden of Eden.

a poem by david o'brien
© Copyright David O'Brien 2011