OCULUS RADIO is part of a new wave of sensory and visionary experiences. An injection of individual empowerment on all levels, to seed the collective imagination. A vision to promote a new way of life, without the constraints of prejudice, fear and economic slavery. Our syllabus is an organic stream of understanding to promote spiritual/mental/physical well being, well into the new millennium. Each of our individuals inspire to co-create with the Sophianic consciousness a new pleasure of understanding to heal and balance our connection to Mother Earth. We endeavour to allow this new stream of gnosis to purify all souls who come in contact with us on our journey into the UNIVERSAL MIND.
OCUNET will provide a resourced based economic framework, which transcends the use of fiat currencies. Individual resources added to a collective database to fulfil all needs placed upon the individual. This new stream of product will be totally accessible by all who participate with its visible organic framework. All needs of the collective imagination are our highest priority. From collective empathic guidance of the individual, through to all areas of meta-technology.
As new streams of understanding are injected into the collective imagination, OCUNET will be one of the platforms to assimilate. Our group oversoul is scanning all intra-terrestrial communication directed for the guidance of accessing the UNIVERSAL MIND. In complete and direct connection to source.
We seek to define the true contemporary reality, which is beyond the Archontic Veils of ‘Fantasy & Illusion'. As a new conceptual organism within the Collective Imagination, our directive is to dismantle this mediocre matrix, which has only temporarily diverted the ‘DIVINE HUMAN ANTHROPOS’ from their co–creative collective destiny into the UNIVERSAL CONCIOUSNESS with SOPHIA/GAIA . 


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